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Ever wanted to stay in the Barbie DreamHouse? Now you can, but there’s a catch

The Barbie DreamHouse In Malibu, California, is now on Airbnb for a limited time only — but houseguests, beware: It’s been Ken-ified.

“Welcome to my Kendom! While Barbie is away, she has handed over the keys to her Malibu DreamHouse this summer and my room could be yours for the night,” says the listing, allegedly written by Barbie’s beau, who says he lives his life by two Bs: “Beach and Barbie. And rollerblades if you count that B.”

“I’ve added a few touches to bring some much-needed Kenergy to the newly renovated and iconic Malibu DreamHouse,” Ken continues, which includes a closet full of “cowboy stuff,” “rollerblades” and more. The house also boasts ocean views, a pool and air conditioning. 

CBS Los Angeles photojournalist John Schreiber even posted a video of the bright pink house on Twitter, adding that he “spotted this thing from 10 miles away” while flying over Malibu Sunday.

“As you probably know, I’m a beach guy – and Malibu is the ultimate oceanfront paradise, with its never-ending sunshine (don’t forget your cowboy hat and sunscreen!), beaches as far as the eye can see, and surf shops everywhere,” says Ken.

Ken-ified Barbie DreamHouse bedroom
Ken-ified Barbie DreamHouse bedroom

Mattel / Airbnb

In advance of the Greta Gerwig-directed “Barbie” moving hitting theaters on July 21 — starring Margot Robbie as Barbie, and Ryan Gosling as Ken — Airbnb will make a one-time donation to Save the Children “to honor girls’ empowerment.”

This is not the first time Airbnb has opened up Barbie’s iconic DreamHouse to guests. In 2019, the company honored Barbie’s 60th anniversary by making the property available to book to one lucky person for a two-night, $60 per night stay.

Booking for the Malibu DreamHouse opens to guests at 10 a.m. PT on July 17 for two, one-night stays for up to two guests on July 21 and July 22, free of charge — and the lucky winners selected will even be able to bring the experience home with them with their very own set of Ken-inspired skates and a surfboard.

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