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Hauser & Wirth Takes on Hélène Delprat as It Prepares to Open Its Paris Gallery

Ahead of the opening of its Paris space later this month, the mega-gallery Hauser & Wirth said last week that it had taken on representation of Hélène Delprat, an artist based in the French capital whom it will show and exhibit in collaboration with Galerie Christophe Gaillard. She had been formerly represented by Carlier | Gebauer, of Berlin and Madrid.

Delprat first became famous in the ’80s for producing figurative paintings, and has since shifted into less classifiable modes, merging drawing, photography, film, installation, sculpture, and more for works that have been seen widely in France.

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A riverbank with building lining it.

Many of Delprat’s works are rooted in her diaries and archives, which she has assiduously kept over the years. But her works strip the images evoked of context, causing them to appear mysterious and not entirely knowable.

In a statement, Marc Payot, president of Hauser & Wirth, said that Delprat’s work “ignores conventional boundaries between visual typologies and expands what it means to be an artist who has inherited centuries of cultural history and received knowledge in a world where such things evaporate too fast and too easily. She draws upon that maelstrom to make art that combines humor and sadness with exquisite intelligence. The great diversity within Hélène’s oeuvre speaks to human experience in the world right now.”

She is currently having a solo show at the Musée Picasso in Paris and will next year figure in the Biennale de Lyon. She will also have a Paris solo show in January at Hauser & Wirth, which has plans to show her work at Paris+, par Art Basel this month.

Hauser & Wirth’s Paris gallery will be inaugurated on October 14 by a Henry Taylor exhibition. Yet it is not the only new Hauser & Wirth gallery on the horizon: ones are also still to come for New York’s SoHo neighborhood and the Swiss city of Basel.

Delprat is the third artist that Hauser & Wirth added to its stable in September alone, after also adding Golden Lion winner Sonia Boyce and the painter Firelei Báez, and the sixth that it has taken on since the start of June.

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