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Melinda French Gates to Resign From Gates Foundation

Melinda French Gates, one of the world’s most influential philanthropists and the ex-wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, announced Monday that she was resigning from the foundation that she and her husband founded.

In a post on X, Ms. Gates said she was “immensely proud” of the work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which she and Bill Gates started in 2000. She said she would be leaving with $12.5 billion to “commit to my work on behalf of women and families,” and that her last day would be June 7.

The foundation is recognized as one of the most powerful organizations in global philanthropy, particularly in fields like global health and early-childhood education, and has made strides in reducing deaths caused by malaria and other infectious diseases. As one of the biggest donors at the World Health Organization, it exerts a considerable level of influence over the policies in developing countries, especially in health and education.

Mr. and Ms. Gates announced their plans to divorce in May 2021, after 27 years of marriage. The foundation at the time said they would remain co-chairs of the organization.

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