NBA Quiz: Where Is the Pass Going?

Few aspects of basketball capture the joy of the game like great passes. The most exciting ones require communication, improvisation and a little luck. This year’s N.B.A. finals will feature one of the sport’s best at getting the ball to his teammates: Denver’s Nikola Jokic.

Can you see the court like the pros? Try to guess who catches these passes.

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With two defenders swarming him, Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns needs to get the ball to a teammate. Who helps him out?

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As usual, a LeBron James post-up demands the attention of the entire defense. Which open teammate does he pass to for a 3-pointer?

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Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox throws off the Warriors’ defense as he speeds toward the hoop before passing. Who is the beneficiary?

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Stephen Curry flusters the Lakers’ defense with a drive to the rim. Who scores?

Consider this halftime.

Are you in good shape? Or is a fiery speech from a coach in order?

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Nuggets center Nikola Jokic is averaging more assists per game than anyone in the playoffs. He makes one of his easiest passes here. But who gets it?

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Miami guard Kyle Lowry is looking for an open teammate as the shot clock winds down. Which Heat player comes through?

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Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant draws the attention of several Lakers defenders, leaving his teammates open. Who receives the pass?

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Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid is double-teamed, the shot clock is dwindling and he needs to find someone to take the ball and shoot. Who delivers?

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Jokic has a knack for making difficult plays look easy. Who is the choice here?

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Maybe you’re more of a shooter than a passer.

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