Ohio Woman Fatally Drugged 4 ‘Johns’ She Met for Sex, Officials Say

She met the “johns” for sex in northeast Columbus, Ohio, then drugged them with fentanyl, stole their possessions, and left them for dead, state prosecutors said. All told, they said, the woman killed four men from January to June.

The woman, Rebecca Auborn, 33, was indicted Wednesday on four counts of murder and other felonies, including manslaughter, aggravated robbery, assault and tampering with evidence, according to a news release from the office of Dave Yost, the attorney general of Ohio.

“Don’t buy sex in Ohio,” Mr. Yost said. “It ruins lives and could cost you yours.”

The investigation began after a human trafficking task force in Mr. Yost’s office “received information that a woman was allegedly meeting men for sex in northeast Columbus, then dosing the ‘johns’ with drugs in order to steal their possessions,” according to the release. It did not indicted what items were stolen.

Investigators with the Columbus Division of Police and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation “connected Auborn to several overdoses and robberies,” including the four deaths earlier this year and a victim in December, who was drugged but survived, according to the statement. “Additional victims may exist,” it noted.

The news release from the attorney general did not name the victims.

According to investigators, Ms. Auborn met the men in the northeastern part of the city, sometimes near highways, and may have been active up until August this year.

Ms. Auborn was charged in connection with one of the deaths on Sept. 11 and remains in the Franklin County jail, according to the statement from Mr. Yost’s office. She is set to be arraigned on Friday, according to documents filed in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

Janet A. Grubb, a prosecutor with Franklin County, declined on Thursday to comment further on the case. Ms. Auborn’s lawyer could not be immediately reached for comment on Thursday afternoon.

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