They’re “gnot” gnats! Swarms of aphids in NYC bugging New Yorkers

Expert: Tiny bugs flying around Tri-State Area are aphids

Expert: Tiny bugs flying around Tri-State Area are aphids


New Yorkers who’ve found themselves walking into a swarm of tiny insects recently should know they’re not alone. 

Many people took to Twitter to complain about a recent infestation of bugs. 

“I don’t know what’s going on in New York right now, but look at all these bugs that are dying on my shirt while I’m biking. And they’re all in my glasses, too,” Twitter user Jeremy Cohen said. “It feels like the apocalypse right now.” 

Many people think they’re gnats, but we’ve learned the bugs are aphids and they usually feed on plants and leaves.

Expert Sam Anderson, an urban agriculture specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension, says there’s no reason to worry.

“It’s unusual, but it’s not a kind of insect that harms people in any direct kind of way,” he said.

They’re not the only issue in the air. New Yorkers are keeping a close eye on the city’s Air Quality Index due to smoke from Canadian wildfires

Anderson said, however, “I think it’s unlikely that there’s a direct connection between the smoke and the aphids.”

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