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Glass JoyJolt Coffee Mugs Are Recalled After Hot Liquid Causes Some to Break

A recall has been issued for about 580,000 glass coffee mugs after the manufacturer received more than 100 reports that they broke when filled with hot liquids, resulting in nearly five dozen injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Thursday.

The glassware company, JoyJolt, issued a voluntary recall of its 16-ounce Declan single-wall glass mug after reports that the cups broke “at the base when exposed to hot liquids, causing burns and lacerations,” JoyJolt wrote on its website.

The breaks resulted in 56 injuries, seven of which “required medical attention, including surgery and stitches,” the commission said. Thirty-five of the injuries were “burns across the body from spilled hot liquids,” and 21 were cuts, the commission said.

Customers who have one of the roughly 580,000 recalled mugs can contact the importer, MM Products, or fill out a form on JoyJolt’s website to receive a full refund.

The Declan was “marketed for use with hot beverages such as coffee or tea,” the commission said in an email on Thursday.

It is not clear why the glass mug was uniquely susceptible to breaks, and JoyJolt did not immediately respond to questions.

“Your safety is our top priority, and we’re taking immediate action by issuing a voluntary recall of this product,” JoyJolt wrote on its website.

The mug has a glass base, body and handle, a photo on the safety commission’s website shows. Sold as a set of six for between $20 and $25, the mugs could be purchased on Amazon and the company’s website from September 2019 through May 2022, the safety commission said.

JoyJolt’s most popular coffee mugs are double-walled glass mugs which have two layers of glass surrounding an insulating air pocket as opposed to the single-walled Declan. But the company still sells other single-walled coffee mugs on Amazon and its website that can be “used for hot or cold beverages,” the website advertises.

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